We are proud to be the voice of UVA's queer community, pursuing a University culture that gives all students the opportunity to thrive.


Our Purpose

Activism is healing: a process of stepping out of our comfort zones to express solidarity with those who suffer in our community. Activism answers the questions that keep us up at night, converting the burdens we bear into meaningful, productive action. At the end of the day, helping your community helps you as well, making the place we live feel more like the home we’ve always needed. Activists strive to be the people they needed when they were younger. Activism is a difficult job with a noble purpose for the ethically-engaged citizen. The Queer Student Union strives to provide our members with at least three opportunities per semester to engage as an activist and ally in safe and effective ways. Check out our event opportunities below and consider making a change at UVA and beyond.

Our goals

Queer activism begins by unpacking social issues through a queer lens, using that analysis to formulate reactive and proactive responses issues facing the LGBTQ community. Our end goal is to make meaningful progress toward improving the social structures that govern our lives, creating a resilient community in the process.


QSU's Activism Guidelines



Make goals applicable to the foreseeable improvement of University life and culture.



Seek wherever possible to represent the full spectrum of diversity in LGBTQ experiences, avoiding tokenization of individual stories in the process.



Express solidarity with other justice-drive groups, understanding that we cannot ask for support without supporting others in their social justice endeavors.



Balance and bring together LGB+ and Trans/GNC+ equality issues.



Check our privilege consistently and reflexively, making sure that empathy remains the driving force of our work and that issues like race and socioeconomic status are never left out of our conversations.



Act on and abide by our convictions regardless of structural impediments to the process of student activism.



Avoid blaming or demonizing individuals or groups of any kind.