We educate to better understand our community. In the face of misrepresentation and erasure, we seek to offer the information necessary to better appreciate our past and to support our queer community today


Upcoming Meetings

Why we educate

Education is central to QSU’s role at UVA because the queer community is in a constant state of self-exploration. What does it mean to be queer? What are the labels that most closely align with the way we understand ourselves, and can labels ever really get at what’s inside us? We have to understand our community in order to build and strengthen it, and it’s important to encourage the rest of the University to pursue that understanding as well.


Past Meetings & Resources

Below, you can find information about all the meetings QSU has held in the past, as well as additional resources to continue exploring each topic. Click on the title of the meeting to find a summary of what was covered and ways to learn more.